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15 May 1972
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Me In A Nutshell
I'm in my late 30s, living in a small city in Kentucky. I've held many jobs in my life: janitor, librarian, restaurant worker, switchboard operator, security guard, receptionist, elderly personal care provider, elementary school teacher, and recently a database analyst. I'd lived in the DC area for 11 years but moved back to Kentucky to be closer to family. I talk about my family often.

The women in my life have been some of my greatest influences. My mom taught me to love the Lord, pick my battles, and be responsible for myself in all things. Dad's mom showed me how important it is to do my duty without complaint, follow through on my promises, and to respect the privacy of others by keeping my eyes and my questions to myself until otherwise invited. Little Sis shows me every day how deeply love should move me to act rather than sit idle in the face of a loved one's needs. Mom's mom taught me to see joy and beauty everywhere, in my life, my work, and the people around me, even when I don't particularly want to, that calories fall out of broken cookies, and that birthmarks and freckles are caused by angel kisses. Smart women.

To learn more about me, my journal, my friending policy, and my obsessions, check out my Intro Post.

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spnquotefic, A Supernatural Canon Quote Prompt Commentfic community. This community idea is so simple and yet so brilliant. The mods create a post for an episode (going through each episode chronologically). Anyone is welcome to add prompts, which are quotes from the episode. Writers use the prompts as inspiration for a story set in any time period as long as it's based on canon. Easy? Yeah. I love it.

This is hoodie_time's third hurt/comfort comment-fic meme, and the first one I jumped into early enough to participate with. It was a blast. For this challenge, anyone could add prompts for any Dean-centered hurt/comfort theme. I added 10-12 prompts, and at least half were used for excellent stories. It's exciting to see your basic ideas blossom through someone else's imagination. hoodie_time often hosts story challenges, so this will likely not be the last one.

health_hunters is a place where Supernatural fans can come together to provide mutual support and encouragement for themselves and others who want to lose weight to both feel and look better.
All health_hunters icons made by raloria. More are available to members from the community website.

Just For Fun

Dean wink by inule4ka. Makes my knees melt when he winks at me like that.

Brotherly hug by deny1984. Awww.

Laughing Jensen by deny1984. Don't you just wanna laugh with him?

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