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I haven't been around for a while. It's been oh so busy. The kids started back to school, and with one in middle school this year, my schedule is even more hectic. The oldest starts and finishes school later than the others, so I'm dripping off, picking up, and doing homework in two batched. Every. Single. Day. It's fun, but I always feel rushed.

There are brief windows of me-time, though. In those windows, I've been gathering fun stuff to keep the kids occupied during our roadtrip in a couple of months. It's a project I've taken on the last several years, putting together a travel binder for each kid. Each year I try to come up with something new and exciting.

This year, someone suggested I buy some "Choose your own adventure" books for the kids. Do you know those books? Those are the ones that present a story and give you options for the next steps (e.g. if you choose option "A", go to page 23; if you choose option "B", go to page 59). Problem is that these kids all have different tastes when it comes to books, so it's hard to pick something that'll satisfy multiple young'uns. And books are expensive. So instead, I'm WRITING some myself! Yep, you heard correctly.

Technically, I've only just started on my first one. It's awesome so far, though. I'm personalizing it for these kids. See, a gorilla drags me off into the corn field and they have to figure out how to rescue me. I've got a thread going where they run to a neighbor's house for help (and get captured, caged, and eaten Hansel and Gretel style... heeehee).

But I could use some suggestions for the other thread. What should happen when the kids actually find me and the gorilla? That's the only part I haven't worked out yet. The story might still come to me, but I'd welcome some suggestions. Wanna put your two-cents in? It could be fun!

what the heck?

My bank sent me an email tonight informing me that my account has been locked due to too many unsuccessful login attempts. The problem is that I haven't tried to log into my account for weeks. There's no need. I don't have much money! That happens when you've been unemployed for 4 years.

Should I panic? Probably not yet. After all, the account is safely locked, right? I don't really use it anyway. No bills of my own to pay; no money to put in there. The only thing I use my bank card for is gas, and that's only because I'm too lazy to go into the gas station to pay with cash. Heh. Also, the bank charges me $7/month for inactivity. Might as well keep that money for myself.

I guess I'll swing by the bank tomorrow and cancel my account (if they'll believe I'm me).
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it's all about perspective

I posted this on Facebook, but I felt the need to share it here too. Because... just because.

It's no secret that I'm a big gal, easily one of the biggest I know. So it's no surprise that children don't usually know what to make of me, especially the very young ones. They often point me out to their parents or whisper about me. A few have even asked me directly why I'm so fat. I never take offense. Kids are kids.

Today was different. While picking up my nieces and nephews, a group of four pre-teen boys (old enough to know better) gathered behind me making rude comments about my big butt. I ignored them and escorted my young family out of the building.

All the way home, I couldn't help wondering at the peace filling my heart. After all, I'd just been ridiculed for my size. But I realized that those rude boys didn't matter. Kids have been making fun of me for one thing or other my whole life, even before I gained weight. People who want to put other people down will always find some reason. No, the only person who really matters is ME. I'm the one who has to meet these eyes in the mirror every day and live with the person I find looking back at me. And lemme tell ya, these eyes are gorgeous! This gal is gorgeous!  And there's a lot of me to love!

So, while I'm working to lose weight, and I AM losing weight, I'm going to keep loving me where I am.


If only it were this easy all the time...

Earlier this month, I had my regular checkup with my general practitioner, during which she frowned at me ferociously. With good reason. All my numbers were up, except weight, which was only down 2 pounds. She adjusted my meds and gave me a month. I'm 3 weeks into it and...

I've lost 24 pounds!!!!! Woohooo!

Of course, soon my body will adjust to the new dosages and the weight loss will drop off. The meds are also causing some unpleasant side effects. But I'm riding it out. Gonna see how much I can lose before vacation in October.

And yeah, I'm going on vacation. That is, if I can fit in the back seat of the truck. We haven't had a chance to try yet. Another option is to fly me down, but that's an extra $800-$1000. I'm not going if that's the only option. We'll see.

Also in anticipation of vacation and walking the sandy beaches, I saw a chiropractor today for the first time in years. He tells me that I need to stop leaning over my laptop so much. I'm messing up my neck. But he's going to help take care of that annoying pain in my lower back that hinders my walking.

All in all, it's a good day for me. Hope all my flisters are also doing well. Love you all! :D

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My entire family spent the morning at the local judicial center gathered in a courtroom before the judge. Everyone was smiling and laughing. The judge even invited all the kids to sit on his desk and play with his gavel. The procedure was just a formality. Everyone involved had already agreed to the outcome.

In the end, the judge declared my sister's two newest foster children to be part of our family. Kori and Kyler (ages 7 and 6) received their official new names. They're ours! After almost 3 years of indecision and uncertainty, these children can finally relax into their future lives.

They walked around the whole day with huge grins on their faces.


Icon Drabble Meme

I snagged this from milly_gal as soon as I saw it. Such a fun meme!

Write a drabble (100 words exactly) based on your current default icon. No changing it! Just write it as it comes; no beta-reading or mulling over. Any fandom or no fandom at all.

Here's mine, based on my default icon of Dean's gorgeous hands (made by raloria).

I'm calling it: The Ring

Dean runs his fingers along the damaged edges of the ring. After opening countless bottles, the ring has become rough and frayed, rubbing his skin raw. He'll probably toss it out soon; maybe replace it with another, maybe not. He's not sure yet. Fact is, he's reluctant to get rid of it. This old ring may look like just a band of cheap metal plated in gold, and it is. But it's more than that too. It's memories. All the beers he's shared with his brother or with his dad. Relaxing after a hunt. Laughing. Being a family. Good memories.


The SPN Hiatus & Heatwave Survival Fic-Sharing Meme

So, I recently joined spn_bunker thanks to the postings some of flister made about this community's commentfic meme. You know me... I can't stay away from a good commentfic meme. They're an addiction. I only added one prompt, which shows some constraint on my part, yes? Heehee. But the community looks like fun.

In poking around to see what other gems they offer, I found this awesome meme. Check it out!

And, yeah, most of the fics I'm reccing are older. Most I've recced before. I haven't had the time I used to have for reading fics.

By the way, this thing took a whole lot longer to write up than it probably should have. Because I can't just rec a fic. I have to reread it first! Just to make sure it's worthy of a rec, right? A sacrifice I'm willing to pay for you, my dear friends. :D

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